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Emotional Resilience Group Coaching

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Here’s what you are going to walk away with after this program

+  The ability to validate yourself

+  The confidence to advocate for yourself

+  Understanding how to make space for trauma without letting it taking over 

+  The ability to see your strengths as well as you see your weaknesses

+  New and supportive self-talk

+  A skill set to deal with stress and anxiety

+  Tools for supporting your emotional health

+  A comprehensive plan to create more enjoyment and more fulfillment from your life

You deserve to feel Confident.
You deserve to like Yourself.
You deserve to believe in Yourself.

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When I started working with Amanda, I was experiencing extreme guilt and anxiety after separating from my partner after 6yrs. I Didn’t trust myself and was worried about being alone.
 Amanda helped me get over the guilt and learn that other peoples opinions, thoughts and beliefs about me don’t need to be my own. I can choose not to listen to them and be happy with me. I have learned to be happy with myself and not longer look to other to try and make me happy.


was able to change the entire trajectory of her life and her relationship with business and motherhood


  • Enrolls Quarterly
  • Includes Everything in Group Coaching
  • Monthly 1:1 45 Minute Coaching Session

Group Coaching:

  • Enrolls Quarterly 
  • Monthly Live Interactive Classes
  • Weekly Group Coaching & Daily Community
  • Unlimited Written Coaching Support

Investment: $5,000

Investment: $997

Investment: $495

Payment Plans Available

1:1 Coaching:

Group Coaching:

Hybrid Coaching:

  • 6 Months Private Individualized Coaching
  • Weekly 45 Minute Private 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited Talk & Text Support
  • Investment $5,000
  • Enrolls Quarterly
  • Monthly Live Interactive Classes
  • Weekly Group Coaching & Community
  • Investment $495
  • Enrolls Quarterly
  • Includes Everything in Group Coaching
  • Monthly Private 1:1 Coaching Session
  • Investment: $997

My work with Amanda over the last year has been nothing short of magic. I have grown so much during our time together, and been through so may transitions that I don’t recognize my life any more – in a great way! I am so thankful for the work that Amanda does and the space she creates for me to be raw and completely honest, it is something special that does not exist anywhere else in my life.