Stop living life like you are the problem

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Book a strategy session

hi my neurodivergent friend, 

You've done all the right things- you have worked hard, taken care of those around you, and built a life that has checked all the boxes. But what no one knows is that you are living your life still feeling broken inside- Hyper fixating on trivial things, dragging yourself down with negative self talk and never feeling like you belong.

You know you need a change but have no idea where to start. 

It's NOT too good to be true...

trade surface level self care for deep, meaningful self love

appreciate who you are after years of self doubt

work with your brain instead of fighting with it 

find validation in yourself rather than in others

Start living in the world you were meant to- where you are able to live at peace with yourself and drop the shame and anxiety about who and how you are.  

Imagine starting each day with real self love

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GIVE YOURSELF THE ULTIMATE GIFT- and change the way you live by changing how you approach your life.    

Simple & uncomplicated




Working with Amanda helped me practice the tools I needed so that when something big happened, instead of being reactive, I was able to bring myself back to the moment and ask myself “what do I need and how do I want to show up right now? 

When something BIG happened, instead of being reactive, I was able to bring myself BACK to the moment


I have grown so much during our time together, and been through so may transitions that I don’t recognize my life any more – in a great way! I am so thankful for the work that Amanda does and the space she creates for me to be raw and completely honest, it is something special that does not exist anywhere else in my life.

I don’t recognize my life any more – in a GREAT way! 


Amanda was very good at challenging my thoughts and self judgment I have had probably my whole life. She was very direct and intuitive, but kind and gentle. Be ready to be real, because that’s how you will grow and shed unneeded energy that may be holding you back from fully being yourself. 

Amanda was very good at challenging my thoughts and self judgment I have had probably my WHOLE LIFE.

I become your supportive best friend you have always wanted, making sure you understand how important and loved you are, and giving you the tools and validation you need to create the life you've been longing for. 


Planned, weekly sessions where I help you take charge of your nervous system, create emotional control, and help you start to think differently about what is possible for you in your life.   


With 6 Months Private Individualized Coaching, we make change doable and simple.  There is no homework.  There are no extra classes.  There is you and me working together to help you develop and reach your goals and desires


Let's change your life



Daily blasts of inspiration and mindset coaching delivered directly to your preferred podcast player for that extra daily boost to keep what you learn top of mind so you can maximize your coaching investment

count me in →

give you the life you deserve to live!

You may think you are already doing this, but reacting to emotions and actually processing them are 2  very different things, and I can guarantee you are on the reaction side of the coin.  Let's learn how to process.

help you Feel the feels 

Remember that inner voice that keeps telling you lies? The one that says  you are the problem, you don't belong, and that you're not good enough? It's getting an eviction notice.

Allow you to Fire your inner critic

I will teach you to balance your nervous system and develop the ability to  effectively deal with stress, leading to  fewer freak outs and and ditching the feeling that you are continually in survival mode. 

teach you how to exit the overwhelm

In 6 months coaching will:

And coaching will do the heavy lifting so that you don't have to! All you have to do is show up for the calls and I will guide you through processing the sticking points in your life and learning the tools to deal with them in real life.


"There is NOTHING that is more VALUABLE than the money I have spent on coaching. It has been completely PRICELESS." 


"There is NOWHERE ELSE in my life that I can show up and be exactly who I am with ZERO filter."


"Allowing myself to FEEL... helped me get better at RELEASING it sooner."

- ryanne

"I have accomplished more with 2 months of coaching than I did in all my years of therapy"

Others have asked these six main questions:

frequently asked questions

This is a call designed to help you get a better understanding of what is happening for you, and at the same time put together a comprehensive strategy to address it. We meet on zoom for 45 minutes and talk about you and what is going on in your life. This call is private and confidential. At the end of the call, if we both feel like coaching might be a good fit, we will talk about what that could look like.

Absolutely not! This is a call to help you get a better understanding of what is going to be an effective solution to the problems you are experiencing in your life. If coaching feels like it will be a good fit for both of us, we can talk about it. And if it doesn’t that’s totally ok.

This can be an emotional call. We are going to be talking about things that are important to you. I recommend wearing comfortable clothes, being in a private area and having a glass of water and a cup of tea with you to sip on. A kleenex box can also be a good idea. I highly recommend scheduling some time for yourself after this call to process what we talk about. You are going to want to be gentle with yourself and have some time to reflect.

Coaching and therapy are similar, in that you are going to be talking to me every week via zoom. In coaching, we still talk about what is going on in your life, we talk about your feelings and we talk about your thoughts and beliefs. I am a Trauma Aware coach and I am careful when there is any kind of triggering conversation. The main difference is that coaching is Results focused. When we are coaching, we are coaching towards a specific goal. Coaching is also focused in the present time, meaning that we don’t spend a lot of time going over what has happened in the past or processing past trauma. We are focused on creating the results you want in your life right now.

The Strategy Session is free. If you decide you would like to move forward with Coaching, the investment is $5,000 CAD (plus applicable taxes) for my 6 month Coaching Program. This works out to $835 CAD (plus applicable taxes) per month and I do have extended payment plans (for up to 1 year) available. 

You have read all the books, and you have listened to all of the podcasts...

Now it's time to really

book a strategy session →

$5,000 cAD (paid in full) (approximately $3700 USD)
$835 Canadian per month (approximately $620 USD)
payment plans are available by request

6 Month Coaching Program Investment:

– Ryanne

"I have accomplished more in 2 months of coaching than I did in all my years of therapy"