85. How to Create More Energy with Tanessa Shears

A LOT of us struggle with being TIRED.  In fact, so many women tell me that they are EXHAUSTED.  So today, I brought an expert onto my podcast to talk all things energy.  You might be surprised by some of what Tanessa shares, it’s not all just going to bed earlier or convincing yourself that you’re not tired.  Have a listen and tell me what you think!

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More about Tanessa:

TANESSA SHEARS is a Kinesiologist, Certified Sleep Science Coach, health consultant and host of the Becoming Limitless podcast. She helps entrepreneurs scale their business by optimizing their health, focus & productivity with science and biohacking. Her passion is working closely with business owners to implement effective sleep, nutrition, movement and out of the box stress management strategies to eliminate brain fog and wake up feeling well rested, energized and focussed. She does this by optimizing the performance capacity of your body & brain so you can produce more meaningful, impactful work output and scale your business faster. 

tanessashears.com/energy (12 ways to biohack your energy)

tanessashears.com/energy (Becoming Limitless Podcast)

instagram.com/tanessashears (IG)