S2 E1. My Story: Before & After BPD

Welcome to Season 2!  

It’s easy to look at my life now and not consider the life I had then.  It’s interesting to note that circumstantially my life was “good” 10 years ago.  I was married, I had 2 small kids, I owned my house, I had a loving family, but the truth is: The difference is what was going on in my BRAIN.  I was dying inside of my own perfect life.  I was on an emotional rollercoaster and I was not in the drivers seat plus I was hanging on by my fingernails.  

So today’s episode I am sharing who I was and what was going on THEN, and how I transformed into who I am and what’s going on NOW.  If you’re looking for a transformation, take a listen.

Ready to figure out how to do this in your life?

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