S2.E5 Reinvention with Tamara Becker

So often we are raised to believe that there is a “right” way and a “wrong” way to do our lives.  We are taught to be authentic but to not be “too emotional”.  We are taught to follow the rules and not color outside of the lines.  But then we become middle aged adults and are told that the only way to succeed is to hustle to point of failure.  It’s not surprising that we frequently feel overwhelmed and frustrated with our day-to-day lives.  So often we believe that the answers to how to live our lives are found outside of ourselves.

That’s why I decided to invite Tamara Becker on the podcast today. Tamara is one of the most grounded and real women I know and in this episode she is getting real with us on how to live an authentic life – according to your OWN rules. Tamara is a Photographer and Marketing Professional turned Herbalist and Energy Worker, a mother and a powerful human. She drops some very impactful truth bombs about being real with yourself and being willing to feel your feelings.  Enjoy ❤️

About Tamara:

Having grown up in small town Wainwright, but residing in YYC since the year 2000, I have always been
fascinated by people and the web we weave through shared experiences.
With a background in marketing and design, mental health advocacy (@projectnightlightyyc) and fine
art, I am fascinated by history, the ‘why’’, and by the myriad of reactions to a single stimulus. That is the
main reason I love mixed media; you can explore a concept in several different ways just by changing
the material you use.

I primarily work with photography, acrylics, ink and textiles but nothing is off the table.

Through art, I get to further study people – their energy, how they move through the world, and the light
and interactions between form and space.

Website: www.empireimages.ca

Instagram: @empireimagesyyc


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